Our Services
We offer a range of services.

  • Free Consultation.
  • Additions and alterations to current establishments.
  • High end residential and commercial architectural designs. 
  • Realistic 3D renderings.
  • Full council plans.

The Process



Send us an email with your request or requirements. 

We offer a free consultation. 

Once the specifics of your request have been discussed, the planning can begin.

Project Planning

Formulating a design that suits your every need.

Once you are satisfied, we start to assemble formal architectural design plans. 

Project Requirements

We provide you with full Council Plans that can then be given in for approval at your local City Council offices.

Full plans for your Home owners to approve. 


Once your plans have been approved by your City Council, 
the building can start.

Project Completion

Your initial request to BlackBoxStudio becomes a reality.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are some possible extra costs that I may encounter after BlackBoxStudio?
    1. Council Fees
    2. Engineer Fees
    3. Runner Fees
    4. Home Owner Fees
    5. Building Fees

  • What if I need inspiration?
    Contact us and we will assist you all the way.

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Pre-Drawn Plans

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